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Smokeless Range ® Firearms Simulator

Smokeless Range

Shooting live ammo can be expensive and lately ammo is starting to be hard to find and purchase.  But how can you still maintain your firearm skills and still save money?  Our Firearms Simulator is the answer to that question.  With our firearms simulator, the student can keep their skills fresh while being in a safe environment.

With our laser, gas blow back Glock handguns, you are still able to maintain your sight alignment, trigger control, recoil control and magazine change effectively, efficiently and safely.  

Not only are you able to shoot at virtual targets, our programming includes Video Scenario Trainer Pro which is a "Real life" defensive, shoot or no shoot type scenarios to incorporate into their training regimen... when seconds count, deciding if the situation they are in calls for them to draw their firearm, or use other means to deter their attacker.  Depending on the shooter's actions or instructor input, each scenario can have a different outcome.

Click on this link to see a video from Laser Ammo:

For more information on our Smokeless Range®  *, and how you or your security team can get that training, contact us for a no obligation quote on our services.

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