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Gary Kiener

Gary Kiener

Owner, Gary Kiener

Beller Tactical Academy is led by Gary, a retired veteran Deputy Sheriff with over 32 years of active duty experience. Gary is a certified instructor in various areas such as DARE, ALiCE, NRA Firearms, CPR and First Aid, Pepper Spray, and self-defense training. He is also a Church Safety Consultant and Instructor, and has testified as a firearms expert in felony firearm cases. Gary takes pride in his ability to instruct in a simple and understandable manner, catering to both beginner and advanced levels of shooting. With his continuous learning and teaching, Gary's students are equipped with skills that could potentially save lives.

Education & Certification
Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement
Ohio Police Academy
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Chemical Weapons Instructor
Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
Group Crisis Intervention Team
Basic Corrections Academy
National Park Service Seasonal Law Enforcement Ranger Academy 
Private Security Firearms Training
Basic Incident Command
Firearms, Arrest and Self-Defense Tactics (F.A.S.T)
Special Instructor for Corrections Academy
School Active Shooter Instructor (A.L.I.C.E)
S&W M&P Pistol Armorer
School Recourse Officer Certified (SRO)
School Threat Assessment Training
Church Security Planning & Intruder Awareness/Response
Human Trafficking Awareness Certified
ASP Tactical Baton Certified
Advanced Building Clearing 
Anti-Terrorism For Law Enforcement
Officer Solo Engagement (RAIDER)​
Tactical Response Team Training
Self Defense Instructor
Other Accomplishments
32 Years Law Enforcement
Dive Team Member
Explorer Advisor
8 Years Community Policing Officer
DARE Instructor
Officer Crisis Intervention Team
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