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ADefensive Handgunn Training

Defensive HandgunTraining

Fact is, MOST people don't shoot their firearms often.  Plus, our findings is that people think they are a better shot than they really are.  Our professional training courses includes advanced firearms training courses which continues where your CCW Training Certification course ended or for church security team training.  As law enforcement officers we strongly advocate and encourage all CCW license holders continue their education and training.  In this course you will become more proficient in using your handgun for defensive purposes.

This course is a fast paced, high intensity course that focuses on shooting strategies, multiple methods of shooting dynamics, barricade shooting, real world shooting strategies and scenarios.  Through an enhanced focus on accuracy, skill, and muscle memory, you will leave this course with the tools needed to continue developing your lifelong firearm training.  Students will shoot in close quarter situations, shoot and move situations, barricade shooting, distance shooting, and high stress dynamic shooting drills all with multiple magazine changes.  Must have a current CCW permit.

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