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Firearms Training

Firearms Training

NEW FOR 2024

Our Hybrid Online CCW course is here.  Take your 6 hour classroom portion online at your own pace and convenience.  Once you're done, schedule your inperson 2 hour range time with our Certified NRA firearms Instructors to complete your CCW Certificate Training.

Defensive Handgun


Fact is, MOST people don't shoot their firearms often and our findings is that most shooter believe they are better shots than they actually are.  Our professional training courses includes, advanced defensive handgun  training course which continues where your CCW Training Certification course ended.  As law enforcement officers we strongly advocate and encourage all CCW license holders continue their education and training.  In this course you will become more proficient in using your handgun for defensive purposes.

This course is a fast paced, high intensity course that focuses on shooting strategies, multiple methods of shooting dynamics, barricade shooting, real world shooting strategies and scenarios.  Through an enhanced focus on accuracy, skill, and muscle memory, you will leave this course with the tools needed to continue developing your lifelong firearm training.  Students will shoot in close quarter situations, shoot and move situations, barricade shooting, distance shooting, and high stress dynamic shooting drills all with multiple magazine changes.

Ohio Concealed Carry certification

Taught by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, the Ohio Concealed Carry - CCW Training Course is your first step to obtaining your license in the State of Ohio to carry a concealed firearm.  The course requirements are established and regulated by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.  The state currently requires six (6) hours of classroom time and two (2) hours of live range time for a total of eight (8) hours of required training.  We strictly adhere  to these requirements and follow the general guidelines of the Ohio PEACE Officer Training Council regarding Ohio CCW instruction.

Our Ohio CCW Training Course exceeds those requirements established by the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Ohio Revised Code.  Our instructors work with every individual through a hands-on approach regardless if you have no firearms experience or you are a well versed marksman you will leave our training feeling confident in the proper use of your firearm and when to use it.

Group of 5 or more (can be combined)

Firearm Safety & Education

We are proud to be supporters of Project ChildSafe and their promotion on firearm safety.  Firearm safety is something that every person should understand.  In the State of Ohio to even obtain your first hunting license you have to attend a Hunters Firearms & Safety Course which is typically an eight hour course.  Our handgun safety course is designed to educate citizens about handgun safety and address the anxiety and stigma that is stereotypical with handguns.

Our firearm safety course teaches proper firearm safety including how to handle firearms, storing firearms, breaking down and cleaning firearms.  In this course you will be handling real handguns without ammunition and be shown how to properly size and handle a firearm that you might purchase (size, caliber, style, etc).  This course is recommended for individuals 10 years old and above who might have a firearm in their home (parents), individuals who have no firearms experience, individuals who are fearful of firearms, etc.

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