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Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Private Firearms Training

Personal firearms instruction with a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Specifically designed to help individuals to grow in their skills to gain a higher lever of comfort in using a firearm.  Perfect for new shooter who may not know how to use a firearm or a seasoned shooter that might need specific instruction on how to correct bad habits.  Our firearms instructors are trained on how to correct problems using non-critical methods.  Arrangements can be made for our team to come to your location.

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Self-Defense Training

Our personal self defense training is designed to provide basic but useful self-defense tactics that provide a means of escape from attackers.  Our curriculum is designed for people of all ages from youth to the elderly.  In this course you will learn how to escape an attacker through various strikes, holds, kicks, and grabs.  This is not a martial arts class - the techniques are easy to learn and will allow you to escape and/or disable your attacker.  Participants will learn how to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women and how to prevent verbal assaults from becoming physical.

Home Self Protection

Every person wants to feel safe in their own home.  Many people develop a false sense of security by having a firearm in the home and have never been trained on home self-defense.  This course addresses multiple facets to consider when engaging in the use of a firearm for defensive purposes in the home.  In this course you will learn about shooting strategies, ammunition selection for home self-defense, shooting dynamics and multiple self-defense scenarios.  Additionally, our instructors will provide a free home security assessment.

Ohio CCW Training

The Ohio CCW Training Course is your first step to obtaining your license in the State of Ohio to carry a concealed firearm.  The course requirements for the Ohio CCW Course are established and regulated by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.  The state currently requires six (6) hours of classroom time and two (2) hours of live range time for a total of eight (8) hours of required training.  We strictly adhere  to these requirements and follow the general guidelines of the Ohio PEACE Officer Training Council regarding Ohio CCW instruction.

Our Ohio CCW Training Course exceeds those requirements established by the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Ohio Revised Code.  Our instructors work with every individual through a hands-on approach regardless if you have no firearms experience or you are a well versed marksman you will leave our training feeling confident in the proper use of your firearm and when to use it.

Group of 5 or more (can be combined)



The best way to win a confrontation is to avoid a confrontation but sometimes that might not be possible!  Have you ever dealt with a difficult person?  Someone who is so upset that you can't seem to get a word in edge wise?  90% of all emotionally escalated persons can be verbally de-escalated using every day communication techniques.  Verbal de-escalation training teaches non-physical skills and interventions used to prevent a potentially dangerous situation from escalating into a physical confrontation.  Our verbal de-escalation training course is based of national standards and empirically based research.  Our course will teach you how to recognize where a person is at in a stress related situation, techniques to bringing the person back to a level of homeostasis, and how to recognize when to call for help.

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