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Are people preying on your church while they are praying for your church?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Is it possible that evil people attend church regularly? Yes! Is it possible that evil people are in the ministry? Yes! Is it possible that evil people look and act godly? YES! People can purposely "fake" Christianity. Even Christ himself warned his disciples in Mathew 7:21 "Not everyone who say to me, 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven". In other words in this case, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a Christian.

Now does that mean that there is evil intent for those who "play" Christianity? No, sometime they may be misguided, but the question should be considered, can evil exist in our church? In my opinion, yes. Could there be those who take advantage of Godly people in the church? Absolutely!!! Remember, most churches are ministry minded and have a deep rooted desire to help people who come to them for help so they are easy targets for "con artists". Often the desire to help is taken advantage of and even to the point of criminal or deviant behavior. Many con artists often play church in order to prey on easy "soft targets" sometimes mooching off of the church or even worse. A good con artist knows their prey. They may know the bible from cover to cover and often quote scriptures better than the pastors themselves. It's like a wolf in sheep clothing.

This brings me to my point, it is our responsibility to protect our church from violence or evil acts. These acts could include taking advantage of the ministry, preying on innocent people, especially or children, or even coming into the church to do harm such as shooting or killing our love ones while they worship.

A question that needs to be asked by the church, have we done our due diligence to protect our congregation and especially our teen and children ministry. Some churches do in fact have safety teams and do background checks on their volunteer and paid staff. However; many churches don't. Maybe they are afraid to offend and drive away a possible volunteer, but is that safe? I believe one of Satan's many deceptions is that we should be afraid to offend people. Simply asking question about their past in not offensive in done properly. We need to know who we are allowing access to the "inner most part" of our church.

K&M Safety was founded on the desire to equip churches and it's members to train churches to defend against those who are "preying" on the church and protect those who are "praying" for the church. If just some simple steps and training is done in our churches, I am confident many evil acts can be deterred or even avoided in the fires place. Lack of judgment, discernment, can be detrimental to a church.

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