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Stop it before it happens

Church security & safety team training THROUGHOUT OHIO AND BEYOND

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Beller Tactical Academy

Welcome to our Church Security & Safety Team Training program! We offer comprehensive training sessions throughout Ohio and beyond to equip your team with the necessary skills to ensure the safety and security of your church community. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on training in emergency response, threat assessment, and crisis management. Contact us today to schedule a training session for your team.


We want to think our church is a place of refuge where we can safely grow a relationship with our God, family, and fellow congregation. Unfortunately, churches are quickly becoming one of the most targeted places for disruption and worse yet, violence.

Church safety training helps churches and their members prepare for emergency situations.  Active threats, De-escalation, Emergency preparedness, Threat detection, Crime prevention, and Emergency response.

Some churches have started safety or security teams, but they often lack the ability to give proper training and guidance to their team members.

In too many instances, church leadership simply finds a person in the congregation who happens to be interested and may have a Carry Concealed Weapons permit, tags them to develop a security plan, and then opens it up to volunteers.

While this is certainly better than having nothing in place, this approach can leave many holes in a comprehensive security plan.

Training is a key component of an effective church security program. A well-trained security team is better equipped to handle various situations, from minor disturbances to life-threatening emergencies.

Faith-based training facilities are limited. Many training schools claim their training courses are developed by Military veterans and offer some sort of military training to your team, but they are not tailored to the church environment.

"We believe this, if we can prevent something from happening, everyone wins.  We here at Beller Tactical Academy believe that prevention is the key to survival, but yet, we must be prepared to, with force if necessary protect ourselves and our loved ones."

Beller Tactical Academy's method is this, if we can stop something before it happens, everyone wins.

We are a Faith-based training academy established in 2016.  Our instructors are law enforcement officers who understand the legalities of responding to active treats to our churches.

Our training does not include aggressive combative response to eliminate a combative through a barrage of bullets and bodies but will provide tactics needed to deal with the threat until the police arrive.

Beller Tactical Academy offers planning and training to churches at an affordable cost to any church budget.  We also have grants available for churches with financial restrictions that prohibit any training, (restrictions apply).

Our courses will help individuals who have been tasked to serve their church in a security or safety team role to be better prepared.

Contact one of our representatives at Beller Tactical Academy and start your teams training now.

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Church Security Safety Team 
Training & Seminars

>Active Shooter Training

>Policy Writing

>Defense Tactics

>Building Clearing

>Firearms Training

>CCW Training

>Shooting Simulator

>Safety Seminars

>Verbal De-Escalation

>Live Scenarios

>Pastoral Protection

>Background Checks

>Building Security


>Tactical Training

>Less Than Lethal

   Weapons Training

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Beller Tactical Academy Online


  • Ohio CCW Course

  • Ohio Permitless Carry Course

  • Ohio CCW Manual Overview Course

  • Cleaning Semi-Auto Handgun Course

  • Choosing Holsters Course

  • Range Safety Course


Realizing that getting your CCW permit is the best way to carry?  Our online class is the answer for those who have busy schedules.  Take the 6 hour classroom portion, online!!!  Sign up today and you have up to one month to complete the 6 hour classroom portion.  Once you're done, schedule your 2 hour, in person, live fire range portion with one of our NRA Certified instructors to complete your course.  After that, you qualify to apply for your CCW permit.  Classes start at only $100.00** 

Firearms Training

For those who are wanting to expand their firearms skills.  Wheather you are a novice, have some skills or consider yourself an expert in handgun shooting, Beller Tactical Academy can make you even better.  Our instructors are NRA certified or OPOTA certified.  This is for Church Safety Teams, Personal, Organizations or Social Group training.  All of our training can be enhanced by using our laser firearm simulator which can include video, shoot don't shoot reaction videos. Each level of training builds on the previous level.

Beller Tactical Academy

Novice Level

This is the perfect place to continue your firearms training from where your CCW class left off.  Shooting is a learned skill and that skill can be quickly lost.  Starting with dry fire drills, working with target precision training and ending with Beller Tactical Academy's CCW certification qualification course.

Beller Tactical Academy

Intermediate Level

The next step in your training goal is building from the Novice Level and continuing into a defensive/tactical level.  Learn movement shooting skills, weak hand shooting skills, malfunction clearing skills, drawing from concealed holster, shooting multiple targets and much more.

Beller Tactical Academy

Advanced Level

The final step in your training includes shooting under stress skills. Under duress, shots on targets greatly diminishes. When faced with a dynamic situation, you don't have time to think, you must react and that reactions comes from training. If you fail to train, you will fail to react. This level will challenge any shooter.  Movement shooting, shooting in a crowd, shooting and reloading while wounded, multiple targets and much, much more.  

Laser shooting simulator
laser shooting simulator

Need more information? Contact us:

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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